Just a quick note to tell you I had most all of my knives sent back and sharpened and they are great again. Quick and easy service for sure. Thanks, again.

Sandy K    February 7, 2018    Bartlesville, OK   

Hey Josh, thanks for the email response and the voice message. The world is as better place because of people like you two.

Billy    November 20, 2016   

Thanks for the history lesson on Cutco--really interesting. Also all the hints for cooking, loved them!

Luba Schram    November 19, 2016    Portage, MI   

Hello Josh and your assistant Alicia! You are part of a wonderful well oiled machine. I love being acquainted with intelligent and thoughtful business. I have received the instructions for sending my knives in for repair. There is time for the sharpening and return if I just get with it. Thank you for continued service.

Tom & Barb Brinkley    October 15, 2016    Tahlequah, OK   

We have loved the Wellness Mat since the first day we had it. It's sooooo comfortable to stand on--easy on the legs & feet! David loves to do dishes now! It's so easy to clean, just a swipe with a damp cloth. All my friends who have stood on it have been amazed at the comfort! But my favorite thing about it... I don't have dish-pan hands anymore!

We really do love the mat, Josh. Thank you so much for introducing it to us!

David & Roberta Wood    June 9, 2016    Kingsland, TX   


Chase Hughes    June 5, 2016    Roanoke, TX   

Josh, I used to sell lots of Cutco when I was in college at Texas Tech. My mentor with Cutco quit law school and sold a million dollar's worth of Cutco in a few months. I used to just go door to door in neighborhoods and Cutco is such a fine product--everyone I did a demonstration for purchased knives. I still have the Cutco set of knives from when I bought my kit when I started selling. Once I had a fire in my kitchen and my knives made it through the fire. Amazing!

Johncie Harbert    May 17, 2016    McKinney, TX   

We met at the San Antonio Rodeo and you convinced me to send my entire Cutco collection in for sharpening, after owning them for 25+ years. Just wanted to let you know that I did it--it really was difficult to “wait patiently” for their safe return. Great service! It’s like having a whole new set. And they replaced the old rusty scissors too. Thanks for pushing me to do it!

Elayne Preston    May 2, 2016    San Antonio, TX   

Josh, since we bought our knives we've never had any problems or complaints! We love them and I recommend CutCo to everyone!

Jeanie Brown    April 6, 2016    Big Spring, TX   

Josh, you are the greatest salesman ever. Not in a sleazy or underhanded way. But, because each and every customer, when you are with them, is genuinely the most important person in the world to you, and your attention to them is undivided. Your work ethic and follow through is unmatched. I never tire of watching you succeed. Eternally proud of you.

Kenny A.    March 13, 2016    Henryetta, Oklahoma   

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