about Your Knife Guy joshHis work with Cutco kitchen products, outdoor knives, and garden tools: Josh works one-on-one with his client helping them decide which products best fit their needs (budget, cooking style, interests, and frequency of use) and then provides resources to help them make the most of their investment for years to come.

Creating the highest level of customer satisfaction and a best-in-class customer experience have always been Josh’s objective for the clients he serves. His success with creating loyal customers speaks to his attention to detail and quality of service.

Why Your Knife Guy?
After spending his young adult years serving fast food and as a head cook in a chain restaurant, Josh took a position with Vector Marketing distributing Cutco products. The Cutco line is most well-known for their high-quality knives and also includes cookware, kitchen gadgets, flatware, and outdoor accessories for gardening, hunting, fishing, and general outdoor knife needs. Cutco is also an industry leader for useful gifts that last a lifetime for both business and personal occasions.

Though Josh had very little knowledge in using cutlery properly when he took the position, more than eighteen years of using the products in his own home, hearing testimonials from clients who have had and used Cutco for years, and helping clients choose and use them in their homes has made him an expert on the subject.

He also found he had a knack for working with people. His customers comment frequently on his terrific listening skills, his down-to-earth demeanor, and his personal and non-pushy sales style. He’s done so well with distributing Cutco, that for more than fifteen years now, he’s also been mentoring distributors and working with the company’s sales development team as a consultant and trainer with the mission of making sure every customer has a great buying experience and every rep has a great work experience.

He is known as one of the best mentors and coaches for new and veteran sales representatives in the direct sales industry as his coaching clients consistently experience best ever performances after implementing what they’ve learned from him. With a sales company that has been in business for over seventy years, Josh is ranked as the #3 career sales rep in company history.

And what about this website?
In 2013, Josh and Amiee Mueller created YourKnifeGuy.com as a way to provide added value to his clients and anyone else looking for tips on using knives, pots & pans, and tasty recipes of all types including some that are allergen friendly.

Amiee is allergic to gluten and dairy, so it’s a topic that’s close to home for them and one that has led to their common practice of preparing foods from scratch. Many of their recipes are inventions or include substitutions out of necessity. They try this and that until they find what works that is tasty and then they share it with others. Josh and Amiee entertain friends and family often and they regularly hear how much people appreciate the food they feed as well as what they learn about how to save time and have more fun in the kitchen.

They are consistently asking for feedback from their clients on what should be added to the site, how the Your Knife Guy Team can be of service, and other ways to help get people what they want or need whether that’s product info, user tips, recipes, or anything else kitchen related.

Josh – The Early Years
Josh grew up in a small town in Northern Michigan in a family with five boys. He was on the ski team, raced sailboats on the Great Lakes, was an award-winning informative speaker in high school, and was active in theater from a young age.

He went on to earn a degree in Business Administration and married Amiee who has a degree is in Marketing and Sales. They met in a Cutco office while he was in college.


about Your Knife Guy amieeAmiee’s Background and Cutco Story
Amiee grew up in a small town in Northern Indiana. Following a tough childhood, she left home in hopes of a better way of living. She attended Ball State University where she earned a degree in Marketing, graduating summa cum laude.

During college, she started her first sales job as a Cutco distributor. She was able to take advantage of the flexible schedule of such a position, allowing her to focus on her education while excelling in direct sales which earned her a large enough income to graduate college debt free; a milestone less than 40% of college students today are able to achieve.

After graduation, she started her own business recruiting and training sales people. Her business was profitable within a few short months, and she continued to grow her revenues each year. Over the years, she worked with thousands of sales representatives and sales managers providing insights in sales, communication skills, team dynamics, business ownership, and personal development.

Present Day
Now Amiee leaves the Cutco sales to Your Knife Guy Josh since he’s, “way better at it than I ever was,” she says.

In 2013, Amiee and Josh started supporting other entrepreneurs and sales professionals with helping systemize their businesses, communicate consistently with their clients, grow their repeat business, and scale through teambuilding. Amiee now focuses on the development of their teams and their business clients.

Amiee and Josh took what worked for their own business and the skills they developed in their combined 35+ years in the direct sales industry, and they began teaching it, creating helpful resources, building a CRM system, and coaching others. The name of their company is Vast Action, Inc.

They still service more than 10,000 of their own Cutco customers in addition to helping thousands of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals.

Amiee is also an author. Her book “Destination Awesome” is a fun and helpful read for anyone going through a transition, dealing with a challenge, in need of an emotional lift, inspiration, or who just likes great stories.

Teaching others how to choose growth and go after whatever they desire for themselves, despite past or current circumstances, is where her passion lies.

For over fifteen years Amiee has been coaching and training others, both one on one and from the stage, on reaching their own goals and creating the lives they desire. She is sought after for topics including employee engagement and retention, scaling through systems, email marketing, multiple personal growth topics as well as other business specific topics. She is known for delivering high-energy, interactive, content-rich messages that leave her audience with specific strategies to use on their own journeys toward success and fulfillment.