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Below I’ve included instructions for sending your Cutco back to the Cutco factory for both sharpening and repair / replacement.


For Sharpening & Repair: 
follow these 5 easy steps and you’ll have it back like brand new in no time.

1) If you’d like to enter your info into a service request form that can be printed and added to your package (that the factory can scan when it arrives to them – which speeds up the process) you’ll want to do that first. If you just want to handwrite a note including all of your items and address, you can do that as well. For the online form, visit and click on “sharpening” in the top right corner of screen. Then look for…

where to find the online submission form











You can also be redirected to that form by clicking here. =)

Pro Tip: Before you box them up, lay out everything you will send back and take a quick photo with your phone. That way, when you get them back, you can do an inventory match up…just to double check it’s all accurate. If anything would happen to be missing, you’ll have the photo you can send to the Cutco service department.

2) Wrap the blades in newspaper OR paper towel and place them in an old shoe box OR cardboard box that is also padded with old newspaper or bubble wrap. (note: cereal boxes are too thin)

3) Include a note (or the printed form from you filled out online) inside listing all of the items in the package along with instructions to please sharpen or fix the pieces included. Be sure to include your name, return address, phone number, and email address. If they have any questions about your products, they’ll reach out. Then include this form or note. The factory will usually let you know when they receive it and when they ship it back to you.

Also include a check inside the box payable to Cutco for $9 (1-5 items) or $11 (6-10 items) or $13 (11-25 items) or $16 (26-40 items) to cover the return shipping unless you’ve already submitted payment for the return shipping. 40 items is the maximum per order. FYI…pieces that are defective do not require return shipping to be included.

*Sometimes the factory will determine an item needs to be replaced with a brand new item.  In the case that there is sentimental value with an item and you do NOT want it to be replaced, please be sure to make this note **

*If your product is engraved, and needs replaced, please indicate on your note that you would like the new product to be engraved the same as the old. If you do not make this note, Cutco will not engrave the replacement knife. 

4) Ship the package to the address below. It’s a good idea to insure the package. You can visit to estimate the value of the contents.

Cutco Customer Service
Sharpening & Service Dept.
322 Houghton Ave
Olean, NY 14760

5) Wait patiently 2-3 weeks for the package to return to you containing your Cutco, which should look & work like NEW!

6) Let me know once you receive it so that we can be sure you were taken care of properly.


Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or concerns, and have an awesome day!!