10 Tips For Using Waterless Cookware


Waterless or low-moisture cookware (*such as CUTCO cookware) has many benefits including ease of cleaning, durability, resistance to absorbing, and functionality.

Here are ten tips to help you in your low-moisture cooking endeavors:

  1. Medium to low is all you need to know.  It is rarely needed to use high heat unless you are boiling water.  The majority of cooking is done on the medium to low temperatures.  It’s a great way to use less energy.
  2. Preheat pan before adding meats or eggs.  This is what will create a proper sear and keep foods from sticking to the bottom.  See your cookware guide or cookbook for suggestions.
  3. Cooking veggies the waterless way – Boiling vegetables can make them mushy and deplete them of nutrients.  For better tasting, more nutritious, firmer vegetables, add no more than a couple tablespoons of water.  Often, no water is needed.
  4. Cover and cook but don’t look.  When the vapor seal is created which pulls the lid down, almost like a pressure cooker, lifting the lid will release the moisture being locked inside.  Try to get used to cooking by a timer and only check it when time is up.
  5. Removing a pan from heat while the lid is on can lock the lid down tightly.  If you find the vapor seal is too tight to remove the lid, simply re-heat the pan.  The lid will become easier to remove once it has warmed up.
  6. Oil is optional and is mainly used for flavor, since it isn’t needed to create a non-stick surface.  If eating healthy is your goal, go without oil and season your dish with your favorite herbs and spices.
  7. Choose a smaller pan you can fill rather than a larger pan that will only be half full.  The cookware is designed to cook best with less open space inside.
  8. Metal tools – Generally they are thinner than plastic tools.  Since they won’t damage the pans, they are great companions for waterless cookware.
  9. Stackable cooking – If more pans are needed than burners available, stack cooking can be implemented.  The CUTCO High Dome Dutch Oven cover is designed as a lid that can also be a surface for a smaller pan.  After the smaller pan is preheated, stack it on top of the high dome and one burner will keep both pans cooking.
  10. ten-tips2-imgCUTCO cookware is guaranteed just like CUTCO knives.  If you ever experience a handle crack, chip or a dent in your pan, simply contact the company for a replacement.

See your CUTCO cookbook for more details and suggestions on cookware use.

*The tips refer to a high quality cookware such as CUTCO cookware, which is a 5-layer design:  three layers of aluminum in the middle and layers of stainless on the surface.  This is an optimal design for cooking – the aluminum conducts temperatures evenly and stainless keeps foods from sticking (when used properly), it’s sanitary, and easy to clean.   I can’t guarantee these tips will work the same with other cookware types with different designs.

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  • Dianna K. Springer
    November 1, 2020 7:31 pm

    I was given your cookware after a friend died. However, there wasn’t a cookbook or instructions. Can you provide these or can they be purchased? I look forward to you reply.

    Dianna Springer

    • I’m sorry to hear of your loss Dianna but appreciate you reaching out. I hope you enjoy the cookware you inherited for a the rest of your life! I’d suggest starting by searching Josh Mueller Cutco on YouTube, subscribing to my channel (it’s free) & watching the videos on my playlist titled “Cooking With Cutco Cookware”. Their are multiple short & easy to follow along videos there on both the basics & advanced things you can do with the cookware. You can also contact me directly thru my website http://www.SharpJosh.com with any questions you have & I’ll be happy to help you along as you go. Also, do you have a quality set of metal tools that you can use to help you both cook AND clean with? If not, let me know.

  • what temp is medium on the separate stove that comes with the cookware?
    200,300, or what

    • Great question. Since every stove & hot plate & portable burner is different, the best thing to do is look up online or at the website for the specific brand you have & see what their specifications & temperatures are.


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