Chocoholic’s (not-so-anonymous) Cake


  • Cake mix and necessary ingredients listed on package

  • Two 6” round cake pans. (you can use any size. The larger the diameter, the

    more Kit Kats and M&Ms you’ll need to cover the cake. This size took about 8

    Kit Kats)

  • Frosting – any color

  • M&Ms & Kit Kats

  • Ribbon – if you want to tie it around the cake when finished



  • Mix cake, bake, and let cool

  • Frost top of one of the halves and sit the 2nd half on top of it. (For extra

    chocolaty goodness, crush some M&Ms up and mix in with the layer of

    frosting between the cakes)

  • Frost the sides and top of the two tier cake

  • Break the Kit Kat bars into strips carefully – trying not to break the strips


  • Place the Kit Kat strips on the outside of the cake. The frosting will help them

    stick to the sides.

  • Once you’ve completed, you may want to tie a ribbon around it for extra

    strength, especially if you plan to transport it.

  • Then add the M&Ms to the top

  • Remove the ribbon when you are ready to cut it

Serve and Enjoy! 

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