Homemade Hummus – Choose Your Bean!


·      1  15 oz can of garbanzo beans *Hummus Ingredients

·      1/3 cup of tahini

·      1/3 cup lemon juice

·      3 garlic bulbs, roasted (or 2 tsp of garlic powder)

·      ¼ cup of water

·      ½ tsp salt

·      1 tsp Greek seasoning (optional)

·      1 Tbs olive oil

*option 1:  I like to use dry beans rather than canned beans.  If you use dry beans, soak them overnight, then prepare according to directions until they are tender.

*option 2: I also use different beans sometimes.  So if you don’t like garbanzo or have a dietary restriction, use your favorite bean.  So far, I’ve used adzuki beans and northern beans.  In my experience, the flavor of the hummus doesn’t differ tremendously from using a different bean.


·      If using dry beans, prepare the beans until tender.

·      Set the oven to broil. 

·      Peel the garlic, put bulbs in a pan and roast until brown.  No oil needed.

Roasted Garlic

·      Put the tender beans in your blender and blend to a dry bean mixture.  I use a Vita-Mix.

·      Add tahini, lemon juice, roasted garlic, water, salt, olive oil and seasonings.

·      Blend until smooth, adding water as needed to make it smooth and blend-able, but not runny.

·      Put in a container, place it in your refrigerator, and let it sit overnight so the flavors deepen.


Serve with pita, tortilla chips, veggie sticks, salad, or as a sandwich spread

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