How to Easily Cut and De-Seed a Pomegranate

Pomegranates are pretty tough fruits, but not as tough as Cutco! Even a small paring knife makes short work of the tough skin, and with this quick trick, getting a pomegranate de-seeded is short work. Just be sure to work on surfaces that won’t get stained and clean juices right away, as pomegranate juice is almost impossible to get out (white marble counters are a big no in this case, don’t risk it!)

We probably know the pomegranate fruit from the Greek tale of Persephone, who ate the seeds while in the underworld of Hades and became trapped there. Pomegranates may seem like they are Greek in origin, but actually are originally from current-day Iran and north India and spread to the rest of the Mediterranean. They contain a good amount of manganese, vitamin K, folate, and 20% your dietary fiber daily values in just 100 gram serving of raw seeds! Peak season for pomegranates in the US is October to January, but they’re available year-round, and some varieties are harvested during the summer.

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