How to Use the Cutco Knife Sharpener

Cutco Sharpener

Here are two videos that may be of use to you.

  1. A video made by Cutco corporation…that is a super short example of how to properly pull a straight-edge knife through the Cutco #82 sharpener.
  2. The second is a video (view here) Amiee and I shot that shows you a few things. It also shows the proper position you should hold the knife and how to run it through the sharpener. A couple of different knife sizes are used to show you the similarities and differences. In addition, we talk about the older version of the sharpener (that looks very similar) and how to know which you have and how they work differently. Lastly, Josh shares a few tips on keeping your knives sharper between touch ups. (We shot the video in a room that was a little too dark; sorry for that!)

Remember, this is only for straight-edge knives!  The Double-D edge knives (that look serrated) need to be sent back to the factory or brought to one of our service events to get sharpened or replaced.

My goal is to ensure that using your Cutco products is always a simple and comfortable experience for you. I believe that when we provide best-in-class products AND Best In Class tools that help you understand how to use those products, not only will you be more confident in your investment, but your experience will be more fun and you’ll save valuable time.

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