Less Mess Traveling Cupcakes


Cupcake green icing

Have you ever made cupcakes to take to a party, send with your kids to school, or for a picnic or other away-from-home event?  Even if you put your cupcake(s) in a container with a lid that doesn't smash down the icing, any josteling and it's likely you'll have more icing on the lid than on the cake.


Here's a fun, easy tip to cupcake transporting that keeps your icing in tact.


It's the cupcake sandwich.


cupcake cut in half

Cut the cupcake in half.


Cupcake sandwich

Turn the top over so the frosting is in between the two halves.


Cupcake sandwich in container

Put in container or carrier, and when you're ready,

enjoy your dessert without having to lick the icing off of the cling wrap or lid.

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