Monthly Giveaway – Newsletter Recipient Drawing


Scroll down to see the list of winners from ALL months to date!




Remember, we will give another free product away each month.  To have your chance to win, you just have to be a newsletter recipient.  So if you didn't win this month, you'll stay in the drawing for future months!


Congratulations to the winners for January 2014:

Tim Walker – Boerne

Steve Gibler – Lubbock

Brenda Hedrick – College Station


Winner of February 2014:

Beth Dunn – Edmond


Winner of March 2014:

Barry Love – Austin

Winner of April 2014:
Esther Williams – San Angelo
Winner of May 2014:
Bruce Germer – Burnet
Winner of June 2014:
Danny & Cindy Parks – Arlington
Winner of July 2014:
Elizabeth Reynolds – Cleburne
Winner of August 2014: 
Jason Rayburg – San Antonio
Winner of September:
Rosalie Reyes
Winner of October 2014:
Marilyn Stahl
Winner of November 2014:
 Kelly – Huntington Beach
Winner of December 2014:
Terry Lynn Berry

Winner of January 2015:

Donna – OKC


Winner of February 2015:

Larry Laden


Winner of March 2015:

Christie Gruber


Winner of April 2015:

Stella Neathery

Winner of May 2015
Marsha Heath
Winner of June 2015
Jerri Thurman
Winner of July 2015
Margaret Hingey
Winner of August 2015
Jean Elliott
Winner of September 2015
Janet Cunningham
Winner of October 2015
Greg McClendon
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