Organizing The Boxes In Your Cupboard

Here are a couple of different ways to help organize the boxes stored in a cupboard (mine is under my kitchen sink).

One option is to just throw them in on top of each other.  I did that for a while, but I was always frustrated when I needed one and had to dig through them.  Plus, when I'd pull one box out, all of the others shifted.  It was always a mess.

Another option is to buy a shelf organizer, which will cost you between five and fifteen dollars.  It keeps the boxes from sitting right on top of each other, which makes for easier access and more organization.


Another option is to use one of the cardboard six pack holders (one of yours or grab it from your neighbor who likes to party).  This is an easy way to keep them organized as well.  If you have more than six items you'd like to organize, use two holders.  If you want to make them more appealing in looks, a little gift wrap or craft paint will do the trick.

Six pack cupboard organizer


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