Preparing a Brisket for the Smoker

Tasty Seasoned Brisket

There’s nothing that Texans love more than a big plate of delicious Texas barbeque. Brisket might just be the most popular meat here, and many BBQ joints are judged solely by how good their brisket is. (Well, that’s how the Your Knife Guy crew judges them, anyway.)

Wanted to try your hand at making some Texas BBQ and smoke your own brisket? Preparing a brisket can be quite a daunting taste, and can make or break the results. Josh has been grilling and smoking meat for years, and picked up a few tricks from the BBQ masters in the Austin area. Follow the above video to learn how and where to trim your meat, so you get a wonderfully smoked, flavorful, and moist brisket in less time. It’s your Cutco Boning knife’s time to shine!

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