Removing Spots or Discoloration from Your Knives and Cookware

Discoloration on your Cutco cookware and water spots or small mineral-build-up spots on your Cutco knives and utensils don’t make them perform any less great.  If you’re like me, though, you just prefer that it look as wonderful as it works.

removing-spots-imgSo if you want to keep your Cutco looking fantastic, there is a really easy solution.  We use Bar Keepers Friend – a gentle yet hard working cleanser that is produced in Indianapolis, IN since 1882.  It works without chlorine bleach for every day cleaning and tough stains.  By the way, it is inexpensive at somewhere around $5 for 12 oz.

The directions on the product are simple to follow.  In general, I wet the cookware, knife blade, etc. and put some of the cleanser on it (I use the powder).  Then using a wet paper towel, I rub the powder onto the surface in circular motions with slight pressure.  After a minute or so, I rinse it off and then wipe the surface with a wet sponge or rag, and viola, shiny metal.

I use it on the cookware when it discolors from heat or food stains.  I use it on the knives when they get water spots or those little rusty looking spots that are usually just mineral build up.  In the knife handles, the rivets have silver content, therefore, they’ll get brassy looking over time as it tarnishes.  A quick cleans with this metal polish and they look brand new.

Remember, if your Cutco ever actually rusts, it is a defect in the product and will be replaced by the company because of their Forever Guarantee.  I love keeping my Cutco looking brand new even though I’ve had it for over 18 years now.

Hope that helps.  Keep a lookout for more tips on the use and maintenance of your Cutco.

–Amiee Mueller

Want to know more about the Cutco products? Click here to visit the product page.​

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