In Home Sharpening (The Appointment Outline)

One of the most loved things about CUTCO is the service the company and its representatives provide including a FOREVER guarantee on all products.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Touching up straight edges (see “Top Five Ways to Keep Knives Sharp” or Click HERE to see a video on sharpening these edges)
  • Double-D edges (the serrated-looking edges) – With daily use, these edges should be touched up every 3 – 7 years.  The range of time will depend on a few things:  the cutting surface being used, the number of knives being used (more knives usually means less work on each knife), and if the tools are being used for what they were intended for.  Using knives for jobs they weren’t designed for can wear them faster.
  • When service is needed, let me know.
  • service-tips-imgWhat happens on a service call?
    • All CUTCO products (not just knives) are inspected for service or replacement needs including cutting board, spoons, shears and straight edge sharpeners.
    • Edges (both Double-D and straight) are sharpened.  Note: If their need is beyond in-home sharpening methods, I can help box them up to send to the CUTCO factory for service.
    • Review the FOREVER guarantee
    • Review the updated or new products and by walking through the catalog.
    • Building a wish list
  • If you have any questions about CUTCO products or you need service, contact me and we’ll follow up.

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