Storing Your Knives

Proper storage of knives makes a difference.  To increase the time between sharpening and to lessen the likelihood of blade damage, choose one of these options:

Drawer Storage:  It is best to have them in a storage option that will keep the blades separate and not banging around.  There are wooden trays made for this purpose, like you see pictured here.  *Not sold by Cutco.



Drawer or Wall Storage:  Cutco makes plastic trays that can be placed on the wall or in a drawer.  The nice thing about this option is the trays are guaranteed just like all other Cutco products.





Counter Top Storage:  An attractive wood block not only adds safety and easy access to your knives, it can also add to the beauty of your kitchen.

When choosing a block, look for:  A high quality wood rather than something made of particleboard.  Horizontal slots are preferable to vertical.  *Vertical slots, in which the knives stand on their edges, can dull knives faster as it rubs the blades each time you move the knife in or out of the block.  In horizontal slots, the knives lay on their sides.  Cutco wood blocks are durable, make good use of the space as to not take up any more room than necessary on your counter, and are guaranteed.

*If you do have vertical slots, try storing the knives upside down.  However, be aware the knives may not be as stable.  Take extra care when removing them from or returning them to the block, because storing them in a way not intended by the manufacturer could increase the chances of injury.


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